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My name is John Panella.  Before I was unceremoniously forced back into the job market without any advance notice in early 2003, I held a Director-level position for a medium-size management services company. I was earning $90K a year and my career was progressing nicely.  However, when it came time for me to start my own job-search campaign, I was totally lost.  Despite my success over the last 20 years in solving complicated business problems and dealing with people at all levels of responsibility, I had no idea how hard it was going to be for me to find my next job. 

Early on in my job-search, I posted my newly updated resume on all the major Internet Job Boards, completed applications for all the advertised job openings I could find both on-line and in newspapers, I networked and put the word out to everyone I knew that I was back in the job market.  Then, after all my hard work, I sat back and anxiously waited for my phone to ring.  Guess what? THAT DAMN PHONE NEVER RANG!!!  You should have seen me...I was pathetic. Still clinging to those old, worn out job-search techniques and strategies that no longer worked. Why? Because the job market has changed. 

It was at that moment reality hit me like a giant wrecking ball and I suddenly realized that I was woefully unprepared to conduct a winning job-search campaign in the same way I had done successfully a handful of times before in my career. Job-hunting in today's competitive market was going to be a lot more difficult than I ever imagined.

And you know what? All of my friends and associates - who were just as successful as me in their respective careers - were telling me to continue doing what I was doing in order to find a job. You see...although they were intelligent, well-meaning people who were just trying to help...when it came to job-hunting in today's highly competetive market, they didn't have a clue either. And so, I decided to embark on an "information-gathering" research project that would cut through all the non-sense, marketing gimmicks and HYPE out there and find out what truly worked to deliver the results I was looking for. 

During the better part of 2003, we invested thousands of hours researching the various aspects of today's job-search assistance market to find out which techniques, services and tools really worked well to provide outstanding results for today's job-seekers. We also investigated other products and services that did not work at all and were successful only in separating the unsuspecting job-seeker from his or her money without providing any positive benefits.

When the research was completed, we published uncensored reviews on subjects ranging from resume writing services to Internet job boards to job-hunting books written by some of today's most popular authors and career counselors. And a lot more... including some disturbing news on executive marketing firms.

You can read these reviews on our site for free.  Just go to the left margin of this page and click on the topic that interests you. Stop wasting your time and money looking for your new job using the same old techniques you used in the past.  Don't be like all the other job-seekers out there wondering around aimlessly...totally unprepared and uninformed.  If you haven't changed your job-search methods, it's a pretty good bet you are not getting the results you want.

Would you like to conduct your own winning job-search campaign without having to spend thousands of dollars in the process?  Be sure to check out a money-saving, time-saving company research assistance service available exclusively to our customers.  Our phone number is listed at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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